Welcome back to the Department of Mass Communications and Journalism!  Your NSU family is always delighted when you come back home.  Your presence and participation at MCJR Week are at the heart of our celebration.

Never underestimate the amazing effect you have on the current students.  They look to you for guidance, hope, advice, and mentoring.

Your experiences and wisdom help our students transition from the walls of Madison Hall to the media industries and the world at large.  You represent their hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Because you have the shared experiences of going through the same classes and partaking of the opportunities the department offers, they can physically see how you have succeeded and achieved with the same skills they are learning.  You will be moved by the experience as well.

It is always wonderful to reconnect with you.  Please plan to join us on Thursday, April 7th to participate on the morning or afternoon panel discussions.  Your insight, expertise and feedback are priceless.  We do hope that you will also attend the Honors and Awards Luncheon so you can see the remarkable achievements of our current students.  They truly are following in your footsteps and continuing the legacy.

While this is a great time to meet and greet the current students, faculty and staff, know that we have set aside time just for you.  The “grown and sexy” alumni mixer will be held Thursday night and is a time for alums to reunite with classmates, meet new friends and catch up on good times.  This is your opportunity to network!

Plan to attend today!  We have event and parking information available for you to make your arrival on campus as easy as possible.  You can contact the MCJR office at 757.823.8330 if you have more questions!

We look forward to hearing from you, better yet, seeing you soon.