Keema Mingo

Keema Mingo


Portsmouth native, Keema Mingo, is coming back to her alma mater to teach a crash course on how to make dynamic videos!
Now a Charlotte-based filmmaker, Keema Mingo’s projects include FOX’s Shots Fired, Oprah’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Netflix’s Mindhunter, TLC’s Married by Mom and Dad, Obamaland the Movie, among other union and nonunion projects. She also directs and edits music videos, EPK’s, interviews and projects for other creatives.
Keema Mingo graduated from I. C. Norcom High School in 1990, attended North Carolina A&T from 90-92 and later graduated from Norfolk State in 1995. While at NSU, she studied Mass Communications and marched in The Spartan Legion. Playing snare since high school, she rocked the snare in Cold Steel at NC A&T and in MDFS, Million Dollar Funk Squad at NSU. In 1998, she earned her Master’s Degree in Film from Regent University.
She got her first media job her senior year at Norfolk State at WAVY-TV 10 and later produced a weekly show at WHRO.
Keema Mingo recently launched her first scripted web series, Repercussions the Show. Now on Youtube, it’s spreading like wild fire. She’s gotten over 7,000 organic views in just 3 months. It’s all from grassroots advertising, no paid ads.
Repercussions the Show is about what happens when women stop living by other people’s rules and start making up their own. With women’s rights constantly under fire, her goal is to write a series that challenges what society says women should do, feel, think or say. She hopes to entice audiences with thought-provoking content, challenge feminine status quo and create conversations about what it means to be a women through unpredictable storylines and flawed characters.
Her biggest accomplishment is creating a show that features a diverse cast and crew that is 95% female. With a woman as the Creator, Writer, Executive Producer, Director, Producers, Director of Photography, Editor and Colorist, this series is heavily influenced by the female perspective and will show a more well-rounded point-of-view of female characters and the issues women face.

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