Marquis and Tiffany Cotton

Marquis and Tiffany Cotton

Social Media Influencers | Content Creators

Marquis And Tiffany Cotton have been married for 6 going on 7 years. Marquis went to NSU with the class of 2012 and Tiffany has a BFA in Professional Theatre from NC A&T SU and a MFA in Acting from Regent University. They have 3 children including a  newborn, 3 month old baby girl. In addition to working at WTKR News Channel 3 and the Downing Gross Cultural Arts center, they have been on social media producing content since March of this year gaining thousands of subscribed fans on social media platforms.

What Do You Have? Building a Brand that Goes Viral

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Meet the husband-wife, dynamic duo making waves on the internet.  Marquis and Tiffany Cotton write, direct and produce content for the internet that has garnered thousands of subscribers.  Learn their secrets to success.